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NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Soulful House Diva, Heidi B

Finnish singer Heidi B’s style incorporates a unique fusion of soulful house, underground house and dance…

She has studied music formally (pop and jazz) in her native Helsinki, topped charts with several hits throughout her career, done collabs with an impressive array of talented artists from a variety of music genres (see below), and toured the world as lead vocalist.

Heidi has recorded with Pasqua Records, Tactical Trax, Embarcadero Records, S&S Records, and Dbeatzion Records among others.

Here is a nice assortment of some her releases:

“My Royal” (S & S Records)

Collabs with J Maloe from South Africa


And here’s a funky one from a couple years ago:

= = = = =
Check out this really nice interview with S&S Chicago to go more in-depth.


Hailing from Finland, Singer-Songwriter & Music Producer, Heidi B has an amazing ear for catchy lyrics and soothing melodies. Heidi discovered her music prowess at an early age, having attended and graduated from the prestigious Madetoja Music High School in Oulu, Finland. She is also prolific in the education of music having studied musicology from the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and the University of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland.

To say that Heidi B knows all about music is an understatement! This prolific Diva has performed throughout Europe and Asia as lead vocalist in a multitude of bands, groups and choirs such as Soulful Sounds, Ladies Go Diva (Acapella), Dune, Delic and more!

She has written, performed and released critically acclaimed songs such as Stronger (Kult Records), Push Ya (Solid Fabric Records), Listen To My Rhythm (Intellecto Recordings) as Inari ft. Heidi B, How You Touch Me as Arenna ft. Heidi B (Kult Records) and I Cannot Lie – Ricardo Grau ft. Heidi B (Kult Records).

She had an honour of releasing her tune Mr. Fly (2018) by the legendary Broken Records US, featuring remixes by Cristian Poow, Jesse Saunders & Madji’k.

Her latest 2019- 2020 releases include collaborations with J Maloe and Ceega wa Meropa from South Africa (2019) with the title It Is Time (Charted in Essential Afro House/ Traxsource), J Maloe & Heidi B with title Why Me (Charted in Soulful Essentials/ Traxsource) and J Maloe & Heidi B with title Free (Charted in Essential Afro House/ Traxsource), all released by ProductionBlock Records (2019) as well as Soulful House top charting track Pierre Reynolds feat. Heidi B: Butterfly with the same label (#4 in Soulful House Top 100, and Essential Soulful/ Traxsource). Heidi has continued her successful music collaborations during 2020 with J Maloe & Heidi B: Want You To Stay with Pasqua Records (Charted in Weekend Weapons, Hype Chart and Essential Afro/ Traxsource), Emran Badalov feat. Heidi B: Touch of Luv with Tactical Trax (Featured in Traxsource and another download site), Heidi B: Joy with Dbeatzion Records (Hype Chart/ Tracksource and Hype/another download site), and Handzoff & Emran Badalov feat. Heidi B: Movin (Charted in House Top 100/ Traxsource)




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