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Present cutting-edge electronic music to our network of super-passionate fans. Forge and empower the scene for underground dance music and serious melodic/atmospheric music creators and fans.

HISTORY was founded in 2013 by San Francisco web developer, musician, and electronic music super-fan, Kevin Pajak. Originally, Kevin created it as a way to track latest music, news, and tour info from some of his favorite electronic music artists, all in one place. From there, it progressed to a COMMUNITY, and eventually settled into an all-BLOG format in 2018 (with a contributing team of editors & guest bloggers). Presently, it’s a combination of blog, music promotion network, and podcast/mix series.

In 2014, we were fortunate to begin a relationship with a truly amazing, international group of producers and labels, which resulted in some fantastic original DJ mixes, interviews, and promos from the likes of: Kirsty Hawkshaw & Tonelero from the UK, SNR (now one half of Elevven) from L.A, Stunna from Chicago, KaNa from Japan, Jerry Chiu from San Francisco (Droid9/Soluna), Wilson Costa from France (Silent Koalas), Nerutto from Lithuania (Inception Music), among others.

From day one since we launched on the web in 2013, Electrofans has been a community, built on a love and passion for exciting electronic dance music of all styles. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of up-and-coming labels, independent producers, and management agencies to present scores of hot new releases and artists to die-hard, eager dance music fans from around the globe….

We are currently expanding our development as a company, and are now offering coaching & consulting services for producers, labels, and vocalists, as well as artist management.


The evolution of Electrofans, our network & website, from day one to the present.

  • February 2021

    Expanded company services / new home page

    New home page now offers easy-to-find quick links to all main content areas of the site.

  • August, 2020

    Electrofans PRO TALK

    Our first virtual meetup, which also served as the pilot episode for ELECTROFANS PRO TALK: an upcoming series of talks & discussions with movers & shakers from around the electronic music world.

  • January 2020


    Outstanding lineup of DJ guest mixers from around the globe. Kicked off with the first edition by our very own editor, Luna Shimada.

  • August 2019

    Re-branding including new logo / blog site re-design

    This edition of the website “really set the stage” and was perhaps our most significant to-date.

  • August 2018

    We become a BLOG

    We switched over to a completely BLOG FORMAT, with several awesome editors and contributing guest bloggers.

  • Fall 2017

    The Electrofans Podcast begins

    The first edition of our podcast is published to our SoundCloud page.

  • 2013

    Initial site launch

    A screenshot of, v1.0 (the goal from our earliest beginnings was for the website to have the look and feel of an app: everything you would want or need all rolled into one place, at your fingertips).

Within the last couple of years, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth of our social media network and visitors to our website, and have succeeded in gaining the attention of a number of important labels, fans, DJs, producers, and promoters worldwide who are increasingly recognizing Electrofans as an essential destination for promoting and discovering all kinds of great new electronic music.

We have a fast-growing, amazing network of nearly 8K combined followers across all social media channels. Some of our “VIP Followers” include: Roland Cloud, Kwettr, Electronic Music Alliance, LA EDM Events, singer JES, TyDi, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Kolonie, Toneglide, Grotesque Events, Dutch EDM Alliance, Trance Family NYC/Paris/Hong Kong, DJ Suzy Solar, Shingo Nakamura, BPM Radio Australia, and many more top names from the electronic dance music scene worldwide.


Electrofans is “ELECTRONIC MUSIC ON:” Fans know that anytime they want to check up on the latest new releases, artists and labels from the electronic music scene, they need just go to for constantly updated content.

SUNBURST COLORS (yellow and orange)
Reflects our home state of California, its warmth, vibrancy and diversity.

Indicates a network, the cohesive togetherness of our community, and symbolizes our goal to “empower the scene.”

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