In the Moonlight (Remixes)

Album: In the Moonlight (Remixes)
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design (original mix): Derek Palmer
Remix Producers: Alan Santy, Sergey Lagutin
Label: Bonzai Progressive

Alan Santy Remix
From the start, the melodic opening, then piano come together, creating something wonderful. The imagery of being bathed in moonlight, its wonder, and beauty. Within Hidden Tigress’s lyrics and vocals, she paints a mesmerizing, and captivating vibe containing a warm heart, and soul. Alan’s remix compliments the original track. with a spin of his own. It is awesome, and an incredible variant of an already stellar tune.

Sergey Lagutin Remix
Taking on a different sound style, feeling more underground. Melodic, yet intricately detailed, giving the unique atmosphere space and character. When Hidden Tigress’s lyrics and vocals emerge, it is as if the moonlight is touching everything all around you. Wrapped in this energy is a treasure, of vast stars, and the unknown. Just look up, and get lost in its wonders and beauty. Sergey’s remix is a marvel, and amazing.

These marvelous remixes are a must own, and compliment the original mix by Derek Palmer on another level. Be sure to add these two interstellar remixes to your music library.

Plus two incredible music videos
Alan Sanity Remix

Sergey Lagutin Remix

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