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Album review: “Racing to Somewhere”

Song title: Racing to Somewhere
Lyrics, and vocals, by singer and songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, original mix: Rezwan Khan
Producer, remix: Tecnosine
Release on: Emergent Skies

In a time with so much noise, music can find a way to tune out all of the negative energy. Within a song like this one, that energy is something that delivers a breath of fresh air, calm serenity, and positive vibes. However, there are two versions of this incredible track, and both deliver something phenomenal. A day and night paradigm. Where each offers something unique, yet different.

Original mix: It feels like the morning sunrise, calm, serene, and colorful. The melodic tone flows like a breeze, greeting the day. Then Hidden Tigress’s captivating vocals begin, vibrant, beautiful, silky, with energy that you feel deep inside. As the music, and lyrics unite, they become one, in an incredible dance that is breathtakingly wonderful.

Remix: The sun is setting, the light is dimming, the moon is rising. The enveloping energy of the night sky, stars, and rush of a moonlit view rush in. The vocals serenade into the melody, they are one, but just as remarkable like the original mix, but with a unique energy that is perfect for one another. They compliment their design, flows, vibes, tone, and vocals that feel like a dream you don’t want to let go.

Rare is it, to find a track such as this, that redefines two alternate versions of itself. Both are amazing journeys of body and soul, intertwined together, cloaked by a flow that you feel with you heart, soul, mind, and body. This is a track not to be missed.

Music videos, for both the original, and extended mix are phenomenal. From its lush and stunning visuals, to their energy, and passion delivered throughout. Like the morning sunrise, and sunset, they resonate with the energy they deliver from start to finish. Let both videos take you on the journey. Let go, and enjoy the ride.

Original extended mix

Tecnosine Remix

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