JES – “Catch Me”

Album: Catch Me
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES
Producer: JES
Label: InToneNation Records, Taxigirl Music
Release: Out Now

Taking on a soulful, laidback sound, “Catch Me” is an intimate deep dive into the feels. With the flow of classic 80’s vibe, it is a different sound style, that flows perfectly with JES’s phenomenal lyrics, and vocals. The lyrics paint this imagery, of something special, yet words have not been said, a missed connection, a puzzle piece left behind.

In the past, JES has released many amazing songs, “Catch Me” is another beautiful addition to her music library, and craft. A work of art that brings warmth, hope, love, but also sincerity, contemplation, patience, and faith. There is something special, magical, and emotionally filled within every lyric. You feel her words throughout this release.

“Catch Me” is available now

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