“Call of Neptune” The Remixes

Album: Call of Neptune (The Remixes)
Lyrics/vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers (original mix): Sundancer, Derek Palmer
Remixes by: Ben Van Gosh, Gayax, Angel Ace, Mehdi Chahine
Release: September 13th 2021
Label: Nahawand Recordings

Rewind: Last August, the original mix of this phenomenal collaboration between producer Sundancer, and Derek Palmer. With the incredible lyrics, and vocals by Hidden Tigress. A moving, and heartfelt track that can take your mind, and heart to another place. From the crashing waves, to an atmosphere that surrounds you senses, but on a deeper level as it connects through your being.

If you missed out, on this amazing tune. Be sure to check it out here
Call of Neptune (Original Mix)

Fast forward to 2021, a contest was held to bring artists together to share their talents. Plus take listeners on a journey their experiences, and sound design. Each remix has their own vibe, and energy. From melodic, to beautiful, a vibe that connects to Hidden Tigress’s amazing lyrics. They connect with the original mix, on a spiritual level, telling their own story through each artist.

Angel Ace
This fantastic remix, takes on the energy, and flow of the night sky. It connects to that moment, where it is calm, chill, yet beautiful, and moving all around you. The melody flows with the lyrics, and vocals like a warm embrace. A glance at your partners eyes, where you notice their eyes light up at the spectacle both of you see in one another.

Ben Van Gosh
Connecting to the vibe, and energy surrounding day to night. It is more amped with energy, as the melody expands, shifts in tone, then the vibes go all in. It is a beautiful, and energized mix, where you feel its passion. As if the sunsets, and the moon rises, their harmony of light and dark covering everything in its majesty.

Capturing the vibe, and wonder. Where everything fades, a calmness surrounds you, and someone special. It is just you two, in the moment, enraptured by feels, love, and heartbeat shared when neat one another. The energy picks up, as the rest of the world feels the same vibe. It is magical, breathtaking, and mesmerizing.

Mehdi Chahine
As the night sky, and stars fade, a new day begins. The energy changes, everything feels different, it is beautiful, and connects thru both of you. A treasure, only you two share. Feels like everything else fades away. This remix connects on another level, beautiful, invigorating, and amazing.

All four remixes are incredible, connecting with the original track on another level. Close your eyes, and let each one take you away.

Music videos
Each video compliments the remix, from lush visuals, to flow in atmosphere, and imagery. A journey of sound, and wonder

Angel Ace Remix

Ben Van Gosh Remix

Gayax remix

Mehdi Chahine remix

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