“Wish You Were Here” (Robert Nickson remix) review

Album: “Wish You Were Here” (Robert Nickson remix)
Vocals by singer, songwriter: JES
Producer (remix): Robert Nickson
Label: Magik Muzik
Release: Out Now
Original lyrics by: Rogers Waters, and originally performed by the legendary band Pink Floyd

Awhile back in 2008, a phenomenal track was released alongside an incredible album “Into the Dawn” (The Hits Disconnected). Containing amazing songs, including the original version of “Wish You Were Here”. Reaching many music lovers around the world, then and now, establishing a unique sound with a variety of collaborations. Like past releases, this one has its own energy, the feeling of being in an intimate atmosphere, where the focus is set from her heart. Opening up, asking deep methodical questions, feelings, emotions, beyond what words alone can describe. An energy that feels like writing words from afar: something left behind, words unsaid, reaching to reconnect once more. While encapsulated by a beautiful melody, delivering the feels, connected to every word.

In the newly released remix, Robert Nickson’s remix takes JES’s phenomenal vocals, and lyrics to another level with his sound style. Keeping the energy established in the original release, while staying connected. This amazing remix has a beautiful build up, flow, and release, plus JES’s vocals have a time to shine, like waves in the ocean shimmering, luminescent, encapsulating a moment to breathe.

Within this awesome remix, it keeps the vibes from JES’s vocals, with energy flowing on its own. While the original mix was 4 minutes, this new mix is longer, clocking in at 8 minutes, establishing more time to dive in, get lost in the sound, being immersed even more than before. Both the original, and this new remix are incredible, and compliment one another. A must add to your music library

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