Soundfall Original Game Soundtrack

Album: Soundfall Original Game Soundtrack
Composer / sound design: Jens Kiilstofte
Lyrics and vocals for the song “Return Home” by Li3a

Expanded game soundtrack
Various artists (as in literally tons of artists!)
Label: Indie / Epidemic Sounds

Think back to when you first got into gaming. Was it the visuals? The Story? The Music? For me, it was Metroid, that beat, melody, excitement, and the unknown of what lies ahead. The best part, all of those feelings, and vibes return to modern day gaming. Although the formats may have expanded, the creativity has grown tenfold, not just in the visuals, or gameplay, but the music as well.

But what if a game mixed action/adventure/shmup with music? Picture Samus in Zelda’s world, with a top down viewpoint, that moves about as you explore. The world also vibrates to the beat, followed by the atmosphere changing the better you do, with every action in battle. It is colorful, wild, and expressive, from a forest, to a city built with music itself. Not just the music has rhythm, but so does the gear you earn along the way, mix it up to find something that flows with you.

The Soundtrack:
Special thanks to the dev team, main composer Jens Kiilstofte, plus composer/sound designer: SonikBuster for info in regards to the vast soundtrack of this incredible game. There are over a hundred songs that are part of Soundfall: ranging from trance, progressive house, psychedelic trance, and so much more.

There are in fact two soundtracks, the multi featured one with tons of artists included, and a main soundtrack.
So for fun, this will be a dual review. Easy to say both are awesome, but its fun to do a deep dive.

First: Soundfall Game OST
Composed by: Jens Kiilstofte
A hybrid soundtrack, that blends a bit of classic vgm, with something new. From the orchestral opening, to an epic buildup of sounds surrounding you, to environments of all shapes and sizes coming to life as you explore their vast world. Each track gives a unique layer to the intro, and every level, plus each world has its own energy and vibe. Plus exploring melodic, to symphonic, and electronic.

“Return Home” was also co-composed, lyrics, and vocals by Li3a. This track is vibrant, and beautiful, giving that adventure style feel of ready to go, but unsure of what is ahead. It is a highlight of the entire soundtrack, because it conveys the main character Melody, her personality, path, and energy that makes her unique, plus the storyteller of this incredible journey.

The 24 track lead main soundtrack is phenomenal. Listened to in game, or by itself is a fantastic ride. Plus the composer created the stellar soundtrack using the Digital Audio Workstation: “BitWig“. Plugins: Pigments and Fragments by Arturia, Portal and Thermal by Output, and Infiltrator by Devious Machines

Second: Soundfall Game Expanded Soundtrack
Featuring hundreds of artists, featured through Epidemic Sounds. The amount of talent, energy, creativity, and expression is amazing. Not just from the label alone, but original tunes are featured as well. These songs can be found in game, there are so many, welcome to music nirvana. Here are some of the artists from this amazing soundtrack:

Aiyo“Sky Filled with Treasure”
Basixx and Mia Pfirrman “Be My Parachute”
Cody Carpenter “Oppression”
Danimal Cannon“Danimal Across America”
Daxten “Make it Rain”
DJ Striden – “Lights“, “Indigo Rain”, “Level One”, “Level Two”
Ethan Martin featuring Frida Winsth “Fly Fly Fly”
Flux Vortex featuring Xavy Rusan “Not Your Baby”
Frank Klepacki, Tony Dickinson “Odd Funk” (Psychedelic Soul Remix)
Frank Klepacki “Ownage”
Toriena featuring Nagomu Tamaki “Hi-NRG Monster”
Lexica “Hysterical”
Lucas Pittman “Mama Swing”
Lupus Nocte “Backseat Rider”
Mama Zula “I Feel Good”
Meganeko“Violet Purple”
Meganeko and FantomenK “Is This Ok?”
Miyuki featuring Pesky “Borrowed Time”
Nikki Gee featuring Daniel Fridell, and Sven Lindvall “Let Me Be Somebody Else”
Niklas Johansson “I Am Unbreakable”
Rendez Voodoo featuring Andy Delos Santos “Come Move Your Body”
Ronin Op F “Jungle Shuffle”
SonikBuster“Bass Station”, “Bioluminescence”
Tape Machines“Avalanche of the Heart”
The Hoarders “In Your Web”
Vincent Vega “I’m Exactly Where I Need to Be”
Waykap Featuring Lola Are “Sinner”

Again, this game is an experience. Whether you listen to the tunes by themselves, or play them in game. Soundfall is a phenomenal title, like no other. Yes there are numerous rhythm games, but nothing like this one.

Special thanks goes to:
The awesome dev team
Drastic Games
Noodle Cake Games
Co-Founder / Technical Director: Nick Cooper
3D Lead Animator/ Semi level designer: Nate Horsfall
Preproduction artist: Nicholas Kole
Art Lead: ArtAzi
3D Character Artist: GabDraws
Character designer, weapons, set dressing: Tyler Palladino
Art team: AirBorn Studios
Environment team: G Factory Studio
Main game soundtrack composer / sound design: Jens S Kiilstofte
Plus the awesome Li3a
Composer / producer: Sonikbuster
Also longtime friend Composer/ producer: Stemage

Soundfall the game, is out now available on all platforms. Show this awesome team some love!

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