Haliene – Heavenly

Album: Heavenly
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter, producer: Haliene
Producers: Markus Schulz, Amidy
Additional producers: Rory, Matthew Steeper
Release on Black Hole Recordings

“Heavenly” is a twelve song filled album, that explores: emotions, memories, forget-me-nots, forgiveness, healing, and love. The intro and outros are perfect entryways that aid you on this journey. Plus this album has been in the works for quite some time, a collection of songs that celebrate life, expression, art, and the feels. From one track to the next, there is a hymn, a heartbeat within each track that feels like a warm hug, and energy that is with you always.

Each song is a story, of Haliene’s journey through her life, from love to loss, and the experiences along the way that inspired her to become the artist she is today. Beyond the harmonies, and beats, every word comes from her heart and soul, with feeling and expression that when you close your eyes, and just listen.

“Vessels” [Intro]
“Glass Heart” Music Video
“Underneath My Skin” Music video
“Reach Across the Sky” Music Video
Co-written by: Matthew Steeper, Kelly Sweet

“Walk Through Walls” Music Video
Collaboration with: Its Rory, Matthew Steeper

“Can’t Be Gone”

Additional vocals / collaboration with: Amidy

“Million Miles”
“Forgive You Anyway”

Producer: Markus Schulz

“Heavenly” [Outro]

This entire album contains so many feels, emotions, and memories. Each genre every song touches, and connects with, it is an unforgettable journey worth taking. “Heavenly” is available now

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