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BT – “Metaversal” album review

Album: Metaversal
Producer, sound design: BT
Released on: Black Hole Recordings

The fourteenth studio album, by legendary creative heart, talent, producer, composer, and ahead of his time artist BT. This project was part of an experimental treasure hunt, with unique clues, puzzles, and numerous rewards including original art, with music that was a puzzle all its own.

Eleven tracks complete the experience. With soundscapes that deliver cyberpunk vibes, neon lights, flying cars, and a different atmosphere from the present. Imagine the world of Blade Runner, or Ghost in the Shell. A world changed, inspired by technology, open to many possibilities.

Laurel Canyon Night Drive
Paper Chairs
The Blue Hour
The Uncanny Valley
Where the Sun Meets the Sea
The Overview Effect
If Memory Serves

Each track has its own story, atmosphere, and energy. In the past, BT created songs that sometimes intersect with the next within the album. However, Metaversal is different, imagine it as if levels within a game. Where level one eases you into the experience, but with further progression, the songs have a significant melody, comprehension, and atmosphere.

This album is amazing, an experience like no other. Let the music, and energy take you away to somewhere else. Metaversal is available at all digital stores.

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