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Anna Yvette – “Can’t Believe”

Album: Can’t Believe
Artist: lyrics and vocals, produced by singer/songwriter:
Anna Yvette
Release: Out Now
Label: independent release

This is a song dedicated to someone very special in the artist’s life. It is a celebration, the memories, the moments that one keeps close to their heart. From photos of keepsakes, to things that make you smile every time you think of them.

Lyrics can be connected with every emotion. In this powerful, and heartfelt release by Anna Yvette, it all comes from deep within her heart itself. Her memories of a loved one, the journey, and inspiration to who she is today is an artist.

A letter, a song, a hymn of remembrance. A memory that is always, and forever a part of her life. A story beyond words, a work of art that connects from the heart, mind, and soul. A hug, so warm, whenever you close your eyes, you feel it always.

This beautiful, and heartfelt release is out now

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