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“Indelible” album review

Album: Indelible
Lyrics, vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers, and sound design: Eric Zimmer
Shawn Hunter
Producer, remix by: Gabrielle AG
Release on: Emergent Skies

Indelible: (definition, adjective) unable to be forgotten, or removed

To memories of lost loved ones, always and forever in our hearts. Indelible is a: beautiful, heartfelt, moving, unforgettable, enchanting song. From beginning to end, incredible, and powerful lyrics, plus vocals by Hidden Tigress. Every word is a feeling, an emotion, a moment in time. A heart song, forever, always.

The song, and melody, by Eric Zimmer, and Shawn Hunter connects with every lyric, flowing together in unison. Capturing the energy, essence, compassion, plus emotions behind the majestic lyrics, and vocals. Guaranteed to take your heart, and mind on a journey of your own.

Gabrielle AG’s remix compliments the original mix, with an energy all its own. Delivering incredible vibes, and energy, a rush of feels, and a melody that is a deep dive start to finish.

Indelible is a release, that deserves to be loved, shared, and listened to. A must add to your song library, both the original mix, and remix.

Plus two phenomenal, and beautiful music videos
“Indelible” original mix
“Indelible” Gabrielle AG remix

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