Liggy K – Pleiades EP

At the intersection of melodic techno, progressive house, and melodic house, we have our pick for ‘Selection of the Week’: “Pleiades,” from newcomer artist, Liggy K. The first release on new label, Fearless Recordings, this EP includes both the original track, as well as a “2021 Rework.”

The track was inspired by the artist gazing up at the stars as a child. As Liggy writes:

Pleiades (M45) is a famous star cluster that can be observed with the naked eye from autumn to early spring as “Subaru” in Japanese name. For this reason, it has appeared in many books since ancient times, and constellation myths have been created. Among them, the story of the goddess of seven sisters who appears in Greek mythology is famous. I have a special feeling for these stars, and I remember looking at the night sky from an childhood. I still remember the feeling of nostalgia. Perhaps my roots are in Pleiades (laughs). “Arcturus” released earlier from Zodiac 13 is said to be the origin of Pleiades. It is also closely related to Orion, so if you are interested, please check it out.
With that in mind, I made this song with “GarageBand” 10 years ago. And now that time has passed, it has revived like a phoenix again.

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