Bomb Rush CyberFunk OST Review

Album: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
Game produced, and created by Team Reptile
Video Game Soundtrack
Various Artists
Available now

Twenty plus years ago, a funky, wild, and crazy game called Jet Set Radio set the scene. Several gangs fighting for supremacy, and making a statement of freedom, and with attitude. Plus its soundtrack was unforgettable, and the stuff of legends for many years. Mixing different genres, from rock, electronica, funk, r and b, trance, club, French house, J-Rock, J-pop and beyond. Mastered by an awesome dude, mixing the life of the city, with the vibe of the streets.

It has been awhile since a game like JSR made the scene. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk brings back that vibe. From presentation, style, energy, and passion. Within its soundtrack, thirty one songs take players on a wild ride.
Bringing back the legend that is Hideki Naganuma, along with many other awesome artists.

Like the past wild grind, BRC brings back that vibe that JSR set the ground running. Featuring artists from all over the world, exploring new sounds, and genres that deliver something fun, and unexpected in a game like this. From legends, to newcomers, and those from the underground scene. This soundtrack has it all.

Is it video game music? That is the fun part, a video game evolves from the start, and music is a motivation piece. Once the tone, and vibe changes, keeping you focused from a to b, it totally completes the experience. VGM has grown so much over time, the ability to mix different genres of music, and creating something new, making it fresh is an awesome concept. Who would have thought so many years ago, the idea of a game soundtrack mixed by a live DJ, and bringing its world to life could still inspire more games to do the same years later.

Is BCR a sequel to JSR? Yes, yes it is, and it is a must play, and its soundtrack is a must buy.

Note: this article will be different, as some tracks have separate releases.
Note: Artist link, has a page to their Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Song title, where the track can be purchased

1) KidkanevilBig City Life (Feat. OV)
(Written by G. Roberts and P. Muhki)
2) 2 MelloI Wanna Kno
3) Proux Funk Express (Extended Version)
4) Dom McLennon – Morning Glow (Feat. Nicholas Mangafico)
5) KilowattsScraped On the Way Out
6) Doctor Lazer – Chromebies
7) Charodey JeddyState of Mind
8) CYBERMILKCondensed Milk (remix by Laptopboyboy)
9) LegovePlume
10) Klaus Veen – Anime Break
11) Hideki Naganuma – JACK DA FUNK
12) Olli – Precious Thing
13) Leopard DaVinci and Louis 707 – Next To Me
14) Hideki Naganuma – GET ENUF
15) SKALPBounce Upon A Time
16) Sebastian Knight – Feel the Funk (Computer Love)
17) ResoIridium
18) GRRLOperator
19) Hideki Naganuma – DA PEOPLE
20) Reso – Chuckin Up
21) GRRL – Trinitron
22) Reso – Spectres
23) Ethan GoldhammerIn the Pocket
24) Kilowatts – Two Days Off
25) Bx’TremeAGUA
26) SoiaYou Can Say Hi (Prod. by MEZ)
27) SkyBlewLight Switch (Prod. by Navo the Maestro)
28) WEV Watchyaback!
29) ColorPlusHair Dun Nails Dun
30) Kilowatts – Last Hoorah
31) Swami SoundRefuse

BRC contains a phenomenal music library, from wild, to epic, and intense, with so much more beyond simple beats.
This awesome soundtrack is available now on Steam.

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