LTN Pres. Ghostbeat & Hidden Tigress – “Through the Rain”

Album: Through the Rain
Lyrics, and vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, and sound design by: LTN presents Ghostbeat
Released on: AVA Deep
Out now, available at all digital music stores

A dark cloud looms over, or the world is being carried on your shoulders. Nothing feels right, or lost and alone. Once that feeling fades, washed away, tears, a release, like a river flowing. Emotions that are difficult to explain in words but felt from within.

Hidden Tigress’s amazing lyrics, and vocals connect with every emotion felt at that moment. Tone, energy, release, pain, clarity, understanding. Channeled deep from within the heart, and soul. Beyond words, expression with many meanings channeled into a song that anyone can relate to, from each lyric, and many feels.

LTN with his alias Ghostbeat, delivers a phenomenal, and beautiful melody that compliments the lyrics, and vocals. Connecting on a deeper level, bringing emotions to the surface. From start to finish, they are interwoven, as the lyrics, and melody flow with one another like rain, falling from the heavens.

This track is powerful, and a masterpiece. A must own in your music library

“Through the Rain” music video

Dub mix video

A marvelous video, that connects to an amazing track visually. Finding calm within chaos, healing aside from pain, a moment to breathe.

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