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Somna – Satellites

Album: Satellites
Producer, Sound Design: Somna
Lyrics, and vocals by Singer, Songwriters: Sarah De Warren, Sean Ryan, Michelle C, Clara Yates, Adara, Caitlin Potter, Nic Toms, Julie Thompson, NASH, Mike Schmid, Donna Tella
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release: Out Now

Some time ago, an artist had a dream, that dream was to go beyond the stars sharing the music in his heart. Many years later, that dream finally realized, Satellites is that monolith, a pillar, a moment in time that expresses life itself, and beyond what we see and feel.

This 15 track filled journey is amazing, filled with feels, emotions, heart, soul, and communicating with what is inside, makes us who we are.

1) Begin Transmission
2) Satellites (my review of this amazing track)
3) Light Your Darkness
4) The Reason Why
5) Hours
6) Hold you
7) The Woo
8) Afterglow
9) Until the End
10) Pretty Lies
11) Your Gravity
12) Not Too Late
13) Me Minus You
14) Back to Earth
15) Apogee

Each track tells its own story, memory, and connection to the narrative. Reaching beyond what you can see, connecting with others across the night sky. If our words can reach another, and so on, many more will share that message, and hope, we are never alone, we are together on this little blue planet, or even beyond our skies. This amazing, and incredible is out now, and a must own in your music library.

Keep that dream in your heart always.

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