Tekken 8 Original Soundtrack

Album: Tekken 8 Game Original Soundtrack
Various Artists
Release on: Tekken Project, Bandai Namco Sound Team
Out Now

Editors note:
There are so many artists, that are part of the Sound Team. But I will be sure to include songs, with the producer credit, and a link to their artist bio page. Some have history within the video game industry, that date back to past games, or something you might have played in the past.

The 8th entry in the long series is finally here! Plus it is bringing some new tunes, and hype! For longtime fans, this series is well known for delivering “block rockin beats” and heavy hitting emotions. Tekken and its game soundtracks, for many years has celebrated life, passion, and energy that drives us to keep going, never give up. What makes Tekken more special, is that the series is celebrating its 30th anniversary!! So to help celebrate this event, as a longtime fan, I am honored to share what I love about the series, its new entry, and the astonishing soundtrack.

The vibe within Tekken utilizes many different kinds of genres, which we love to cover on this awesome site. So to celebrate along with Tekken, and with pride. Happy to cover this incredible game soundtrack

Namco Sound Team
For many years, this crew has delivered memorable, and unforgettable soundtracks. However the club scene inspired the original game many years ago. Even now, 30 years later, the series still dives into the sound that brought it to life. Taking on new forms, with new characters joining the roster.

Unlike other fighting games right now, characters within this series have their own theme song, and stage. Other competition may have background music, but not this game. Depending on the personality of the character, their theme song can be hard, heavy, beat driven, or even orchestral with a blend of edm (think of Trans Syberian Orchestra, Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Above and Beyond for example). But put their sound style into a blender, and this is what you would receive, music on another level. Tekken prides itself on presentation, character, and that spark that beats within our hearts.

Tracklist: 42 songs total
By the way, Normal is the standard stage theme mix, Climax is the hybrid, berserk rendition. Some are in fact, character themes, which adds something special to the experience when you play the game, or listen to the soundtrack.

Artist bios, include past works, and current releases. Info available at VGMDB

(Disc One)
1) My Last Stand (Opening Theme Song) Vocals by: Robbie Wyckoff
2) Liberation
3) Rude and Reckless
Music by: Mifumei

4) The Decisive Blow (Normal)
5) The Decisive Blow (Climax)
Music by: Hiroshi Okubo

6) Neo City (Normal)
7) Neo City (Climax)
Music by: AJURIKA

8) TAMASHII (Normal)
9) TAMASHII (Climax)
Music by: Yoshihito Yano, lyrics, and vocals by Ryoko Shirashi

10) Colosseum (Normal)
11) Colosseum (Climax)
Music by: Go Shina

(Disc Two)
This track reminds me of BT, with Tiesto, and a dab of TyDi. (Normal)
(Climax) Feels like a classic Paul Oakenfold tune.
12) Hangar Rules (Normal)
13) Hangar Rules (Climax)
Music by: Sanodg

14) Storm Rising (Normal)
15) Storm Rising (Climax)
A powerful, and defiant vibe. Feels like a Celldweller tune (electronica/rocktronica hybrid sound style)
Music by: Rio Hamamoto

16) Deep Space (Normal)
17) Deep Space (Climax)
Music by: Sho Okada

18) Kakuri-yo Kagura (Normal)
19) Kakuri-yo Kagura (Climax)
Music and lyrics by: Yuu Miyake

20) Volcanic Bomb (Normal)
21) Volcanic Bomb (Climax)
Music by: AJURIKA

22) Golden Meadow (Normal)
23) Golden Meadow (Climax)
Music by: Shogo Nomura
Lyrics and Vocals by Sergio Aucca Surco

24) Twilight Party Cruise (Normal)
25) Twilight Party Cruise (Climax)
Music by: Mifumei

26) Silenty Boisterous (Normal)
27) Silenty Boisterous (Climax)
Music by: Ayako Saso

28) Baroque Attack (Normal)
29) Baroque Attack (Climax)
Music by: Mitsuhiro Kitadani

30) Delusional Reality (Normal)
31) Delusional Reality (Climax)
Music by: Shinji Hosoe

32) Our Tekken Ball (Normal)
33) Our Tekken Ball (Climax)
Music by: Shogo Nomura

34) Be Stylish
Music by: Sho Okada

35) Time Will Reveal
36) Silent Signal
Music by: Mifumei

37) Dive Into the Arcade
Music by: Shinji Hosoe

38) Back to Kids
39) Game Changer
Music by: Mifumei

40) Neon Ramp
Music by: Yoshinori Hirai

41) Mars Gravity
Music by: Qing Yan

42) Hibiscus
Music by: Yoshihito Yano

How to summarize this soundtrack? It is awesome, mind blowing, beautiful, beats that will get you hype, dance, and make you lose your mind. I have been a fan of this series since the beginning, and the music is its heart and soul. I am honored to review this amazing album. It is a must buy, whether physical or digital. There are amazing talents that make these works of art, plus vgm deserve tons of love. And if possible, Tekken tunes deserve to be played at music festivals!!!

Digital Soundtrack is available everywhere, link can be found in album title.
Physical Soundtrack Preorder, via Animate
Tekken 8 OST preorder page
Note: Preorders close on February 1st (limited access apparently???)

For more info about the game Tekken 8, be sure to visit the official website

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