New Artist Discovery: Subjacent

Subjacent is a newly formed San Francisco based female duo. Exploring the duality in nature and in people, Subjacent produces melodic techno and tech house tracks mixing soft melodies and powerful techno drums. Rose and Amandine are multicultural and met in the Bay Area. They are both music producers and DJs.

Their creations have a deeper meaning and often support minorities and human rights – subjacent was chosen for this reason: living close to each other, having an underlying meaning. The duo regularly host and play events in the Bay Area, and are quickly establishing themselves in the local and international musical communities.

Their latest release “Orange Sky” on Family Piknik was supported by legendary artist John Digweed. Have a listen to the release here:

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About Zaria

Zaria is a melodic techno artist with a background in classical piano and a variety of other instruments. Her music production journey began in September 2018 and since then she has released several EPs and singles on a variety of labels around the world. Her eclectic musical history and passion for melody gives her a unique sound that is simultaneously dark and uplifting.

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