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Love Songs from Suburbia album review

Album: Love Songs From Suburbia
Artist: Christian Burns
Additional artists: M.O.S. (on the track Now Or Never)
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release: Out Now

This twelve track album is an experience, a style of album you can get lost in. A journey of sound styles: atmosphere, self discovery, meditation, serenity, inner peace, with amazing beats, and melodies that take you to another place. Another fascinating aspect of each track, is that each one has its own theme, energy, inertia, and flow. No two songs are alike, they have their own identity.

Plus the build up from melody, to vocals, the flow is amazing, seamless like a heartbeat synched together. Christian Burns vocals, literally flow like water thru each track, as the waves crash into the current, and shift from low to high. Or that feeling you get when watching a morning sunrise. There is nothing else, quite like this album.

Over time, this album was released in single tracks, featuring remixes as well. The wait for the complete album has been worth it. This is definitely an album for the summer. It is a marvel, and a treasure. Definitely a must buy. Just press play, and get lost in the sound, and lyrics. This album is available now. Enjoy it music lovers.

Alive (Remixes)
with remixes by Atleha and Eskai

Truth (Remix) by Odsen

Plus music videos, which complement each amazing track featured in this incredible album
Breathing Fire
Alive (Eskai Remix)
Alive (Atleha Remix)
Truth (Odsen Remix)

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