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Sonikbuster – The Absence of Doors

Album: The Absence of Doors
Also available at Bandcamp
Producer, mixing, sound design: Sonikbuster
Remixes by: bLind EDM
Label: Jacked Dragon Records
Available now

This five part epic saga, begins from the track “Bioluminescence” which was featured in the game “Soundfall”.
“Bass Station” the second part of the journey, which is driven by beats, and melodies interwoven, connecting, drawn towards one another. Two parts, of an experience, that form a cohesive chapter in the journey throughout the game. Music itself is a vital part of the adventure, a driving force, its heartbeat. Sonikbuster’s incredible vibe, and energy is interwoven within these two phenomenal tracks.

“Night in Rearview”, “Augmented Reality”, and “Ionik Bond”. Each song in this album contains a story within the artist’s journey thus far. Exploring: technology, dreams, emotions, and what it means to feel. From expression, to illustration, creativity, drive, focus, and what it feels to be truly alive.

Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
Mastering, and engineering, Remix by: Blind EDM

(Late Night Nostalgia: Uncredited)
Note: Upon release of the game “Soundfall”, artist/producer: Julian Gray is credited for this remix, as an alternate mix/ master of the track that is featured in the game soundtrack.

Soundfall, a video game soundtrack like no other, connects to players on another level. The world is alive, yet urging you go keep going. Guided by light, a compass, showing you the way. In real life, it could be a person that is your beacon. They are a treasure, more precious than gold. Your destination is unknown, but the trek will be worth it, something to remember always.

“Bass Station”:
Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
Mastering, and engineering (SoundFall Version, and Blind vs SONIK remix) by: Blind EDM
Another amazing track composed for the game “Soundfall”. It encapsulates the feeling of being lost, unsure of where to go, following the sound. The void around you, guided by the antithesis of surroundings, the inertia driving you forward, eventually finding a way out.

“Night in Rearview”:
Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
Lyrics by: Sonikbuster, Sherry-Lynn Lee, Rahul Borkar
Vocals by: Sherry-Lynn Lee
Mastered by: Julian Gray
As the night sky fades, the moon dissipates, the sun rises. Bringing a new day along with it, light beings to enhance the atmosphere. A fresh start, new adventures, and magic awaits.

“Augmented Reality”:
Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
Mastering, and Engineering by: bLind EDM
Between existence, life, beyond. The unknown coming together in one space.

“Ionik Bond”:
Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
Synthwave Remix by: bLind EDM
When opposing forces are brought together, this bond is irresistible, drawn by the molecules. There is no resistance, or hesitation. As this song delivers its own message, including the remix. It is alive, what was once two different things, they are transforming, becoming something new. An energy seeking another, to become whole.

Unreleased tracks:
Mixing, production, and sound design by: SonikBuster
There are several tracks that were not included were the album release. But they play a vital role, in finding the album’s sound, energy, and vibe. They connect on a different level, compared to the released tracks. Overall they complete the experience, an alternate universe if you will. One that feels like it is from another time, space, or reality.

The Absence of Doors is an amazing album. The unique sound style is unlike anything you will hear out right now. Connecting on a spiritual, technological, and emotional level of sound design. Each track is unique, containing its own character, personality, a puzzle, with a solution, you feel it through every moving piece until it is complete.

This album is a magical, mystical, and inspiring journey of the heart, and imagination. The Absence of Doors is a must add, to your music library. It is available now

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