Anna Yvette – Dissonance

Album: Dissonance
Producer, Sound Design, lyrics and vocals by singer/songwriter: Anna Yvette
Label: Mother Unicorn Productions

“Dissonance” (Noun)
According the Oxford Dictionary, it is defined as “a lack of harmony among musical notes”. Additionally, “a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements” Or Webster’s “lack of agreement”

What the definition does not define, is the integral part of the artist. This work of art is in motion, learning, expanding, evolving, beyond what they knew before. Lessons learned, matured, recognizing something better than what was left behind. Mother Unicorn created something wonderful, insightful, inspired, and driven throughout this song. Beyond just being an artist, creating her own sound, experimenting with melodies from another time, and space. From her life experiences, to expression behind every lyric, there is wisdom, a vibe, an irresistible energy, a force that pulls you closer like a magnet.

“Dissonance” is a track that has so much more beyond its surface, listen, feel, connect, and find that center of who you are within every lyric. It may inspire you to find something new within yourself.

This incredible track is out now, available everywhere

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