Sonic Frontiers – Paths Revisited

Album: Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack – Paths Revisited
A Sonic Team Production
Various Artists
Lead Producer: Tomoya Ohtani
Label: SEGA, Wave Master
Release: Out Now

Last year, a game with a phenomenal soundtrack set the bar high for video game music as a whole. A combination of high energy, rock, trance, club, and progressive house plus so much more all in one. Once again, the game is revisited with new music, plus remixes from the original soundtrack. Including a blend of more experimental ideas that were left on the cutting room floor, only now to be released to complete there experience.

As of recently, it has only been made available digitally. It can also be preordered on 2CD’s, or digital in November. Boasting over 46 tracks, a complete journey all its own, and surprisingly within the game a free update.

Within this new soundtrack, it also explores character themes, Sonic’s friends: Amy, Knuckles, and Tails. Their ambitions, hopes, dreams, and what drives them to keep going in this vast adventure. Previously they were unplayable, but in this chapter, they are there help to their friend to save the day.

Vocals by: Kellin Quinn, Gaby Borro
In the original soundtrack Kellin provided vocals for the boss themes. With each taking on a more aggressive, rocktronica sound throughout.

Gaby Borro provides new vocals for the new character themes. Giving a more hopeful, and not giving up vibe. They are amazing songs throughout the soundtrack. Something that has not been done for quite sometime.

Additional Composers: Takahito Eguchi, Rintaro Soma, Kanon Oguni, Kenichi Tokoi
Arrangers: above artists included, plus the following: Kenji Mizuno, MEG
Lyrics by: Nana Hatori, Merry Kirk-Holmes

Album, and track info, plus links to stores where you can preorder VGMDB Sonic Frontiers Paths Revisited page

The complete album is available on all platforms. Album release physically, and digital store purchases on November 14th 2023

For more information on the blue hedgehog and friends adventures, drop by here:
Sonic the Hedgehog

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