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Augmented Reality

Album: Augmented Reality
Producer, Sound Design: Sonikbuster
Mastering, and engineered by: Blind EDM
Label: Jacked Dragon Records

Imagine a puzzle coming together, piece by piece. From different aspects of reality, flowing into the same space. Now think of them as melodies, note for note, expressions in harmony with another. Drawn together by an unknown force, the picture they put together becomes much clearer. That puzzle, is a song, once fragmented, now whole.

Digging back to their roots, Sonikbuster experiments with a classic electronic style. Going back in time, while catchy, the melody fills your imagination with what is possible. What was once apart, now a complete piece, no longer the puzzle. But you fill in those blanks with memories, emotions, dreams, hopes, and wishes.

Also in awesome news, this amazing release is part of a complete experience on the horizon. Sonikbuster, is planning a complete album release on August 7th. This single, Augmented Reality is the second, to last single of the said album. More information to follow soon. Plus a complete review of the album upon release.

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