Sonikbuster feat. Sherry-Lynn Lee – “Night in Rearview”

Album: Night in Rearview
Producer/sound design: Sonikbuster
Lyrics, and vocals by singer/songwriter: Sherry-Lynn Lee
Lyrics also by: Rahul Borkar
Label: Jacked Dragon Records
Out Now

From the start, a catchy melody, backing vocals, and the synth. Capturing that night time feels as if you’re with a special someone losing track of time. On the road, with the moonlit sky as your guide, everything else fades away. The vocals and lyrics flow so well with the melody, the energy is chill, laidback, but also thoughtful, soulful, and captures your heart.

Sonikbuster’s style and vibe is: incredible, entrancing, and melodic but it also comes from the heart. Usually known for working on video game music soundtracks, this artist is amazing. She connects to the energy of the song, but also gives it character, finding that part, a flow that builds from every note.

Sherry-Lynn Lee, an awesome singer, and songwriter. Her performance, connecting with the astonishing, and beautiful melody, they go together like a day passing into night. Seamless, remarkable, and astonishing. The expression within the lyrics feels like that moment you are drawn closer, nothing else is there, no distractions, just that connection, it is spiritual and moving.

“Night in Rearview” is an amazing track that is a must listen, and addition to your music library. Plus that type of tune you can play in your car, when you are with a special someone. May even create a special memory, to last forever, always.

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