“Satellites” – Sarah De Warren, Somna

Album: Satellites
Lyrics, and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Sarah De Warren
Producer, Sound Design: Somna
Label: Magik Muzik, a sub label of Black Hole Recordings

Look up at the sky. If you could reach out, and touch the stars. Near or far, the unreachable is possible. How we connect with one another, is amazing. To communicate, it feels like magic, with every spoken word, a feeling, an emotion.

Within this beautiful track, words, and a connection to something far away, beyond, out of reach. But something special, and wonderful to connect to, a bond, beyond ourselves.

To memories made, to the things we left behind. Forever they will always be

“Satellites” by amazing singer, and songwriter Sarah De Warren, and producer Somna is: captivating, magical, and beautiful. It connects to your heart, and soul. This incredible song is available now.

Lyric music video

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