“Drifting Apart”- Hidden Tigress, Derek Palmer

Album: Drifting Apart
Lyrics, and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Derek Palmer
Release on: Suanda Voice, a sub label of Suanda Music
Out Now

From start to finish, this amazing melody creates a beautiful atmosphere. Then the vocals serenade your senses, with heart, soul, and love. As both have become one, it is an expression of: loss, missing a piece of what was, memories, love, and the thought of letting go. Every lyric is powerful, creating that feeling of something you once had, now it feels like it is slipping away, fading from your heart and soul. That notion alone is both heartbreaking, and devastating.

“Drifting Apart” is a masterpiece all its own. Bringing two amazing artists together, creating a powerful, beautiful, moving, and epic song. Every note feels like a constant heartbeat, and emotions, crashing, flowing, then coming apart undone. There is something to be said when a melody, along with lyrics and vocals that deliver so much all at once. A journey worth taking, because we all experience these emotions, feelings, connections, and sometimes the loss of what was hurts so much, we cannot comprehend the words to express what we feel deep down inside.

This amazing release is available now. Plus receiving lots of support. Be sure to add this song to your library.

Plus a beautiful, and mesmerizing music video, completes the experience

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