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Chloe Morgan – “The Power”

Album: “The Power”
Lyrics and vocals by singer, songwriter: Chloe Morgan
Label: Self-release

A message, a feeling, a hope. Even when things get you down, there is something positive that can keep you going. There is something amazing when a song uplifts you, right when you need it to. Chloe Morgan crafted an amazing song, inspired by her experiences, and music influences. Motivational, inspirational, a driven beat, plus lyrics with awesome vocals that tap into those good vibes, that fade away those dark clouds in time of need.

Songs connect to us on many levels, with a song like this one, it is special, and can get you going through the day. When music takes a few minutes away from a moment that brings you down, a song can bring you up. Hopeful, enlightened, and may even find some relief when things bring you down. Chloe created an special track, and it is a must listen, plus it has a great melody that will get you moving.

Music Video

Included with this release is a lyric video, a music video is on the way. But it highlights the lyrics that connect the listener to what the artist has to say, something positive. A feel good vibe is also within this video.

About the artist: Chloe Morgan is a world traveler, and lover of music. Her journey connects with artists of the past, and present. Finding, and connecting to vibes that make listeners feel good inside, heart, and soul. Sometimes we need something different to help us get through the day. Chloe is also a DJ, who loves playing her favorite songs wherever she goes. As an artist, she takes those inspirations to create something wonderful. “The Power” is part of her new project, an EP that will be released later. It is one of the featured songs within the album, which is available everywhere.

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