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Omega Strikers OST

Album: Omega Strikers Soundtrack
Various Artists
Label: Rare Drop
Release: April 27th, 2023

Omega Strikers was one of those sleeper hits released this year. An animated 3 vs 3 sports game, with nods to the past, but mixing it up with its own vibe, and attitude. But the biggest surprise? Its soundtrack. Featuring well known artists from around the world. With inspiration from the past like: Jet Set Radio, F-Zero, Wipeout, Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong, and many more. Omega Strikers contains something special within each track. The energy is hype! The characters are wild! And the music is awesome!

If you love animation, and a banging soundtrack that completes the experience. This is one you will want to add to your library.

Track Listing
For more info about a song composer, click the name and be on your way

1) James Landino – Shiori – Go Strike! (Juliette’s Theme)
2) VITICZ, James Landino – Embers of an Emperor (Kai’s Theme)
3) VGR – The Tofu Titan (Dubu’s Theme)
4) Mason Lieberman – The Heart’s Whisper (Era’s Theme)
5) James Landino – Burden of Knowledge (Atlas’s Theme)
6) Ian Tsuchiura – Ice Cream Odyssey (Juno’s Theme)
7) Garret Williamson – Ignis (Drek’ar’s Theme)
8) Joshua Taipale – Blue Skies Ahead (Luna’s Theme)
9) Falk Au Yeong – Excessive (X’s Theme)
10) Funk Fiction – A Champion’s Redux (Estelle’s Theme)
11) James Landino, Casey Lee Williams – Go Strike! (Juliette’s Theme English Version)
12) James Landino – Baroque Banditry (Rasmus’s Theme)
13) Michael Staple – Long Way from Home (Zentaro’s Theme)
14) Garett Williamson – Shield Sister (Asher’s Theme)
15) Garrett Williamson – The Girl Who Glitched (Ai.Mi’s Theme)
16) James Landino – Obscura’s Call (Rune’s Theme)
17) Garrett Williamson – Round One (Map Theme)
18) James Landino – Neon Lobby (Menu)
19) James Landino – Choose Your Striker (Character Select)
20) Koaster – Ahten City Classic (Beta Map Theme)
21) Koaster – Neon Nostalgia (Beta Menu)
22) Koaster – Future Flashback (Beta Character Select)
23) Koaster – Virtual Victory (Beta Post Game)

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