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Air Project, Hidden Tigress – Blanket of Stars (Etasonic Remix)

Album: Blanket of Stars (Etasonic Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers (Original Mix): Air Project
Remix by: Etasonic
Label: Abora Recordings

Extended Mix: (Genre: Trance)
Etasonic Remix: (Genre: Trance)
Etasonic delivers a beautiful, and incredible melody, like the original mix, the flow is amazing. Connecting perfectly with Hidden Tigress’s heartfelt lyrics, and vocals. Creating an immersive experience, that feeling of looking up, the wonder, and hope of something greater. Magical, uplifting, and inspiring like a painting come to life of the stars watching over you. Or the night sky, filled with city lights from the distance. There is an energy throughout that makes you want to get up, and move, lost in the sound.

Slowmotional Mix: (Genre: Electronica)
A slower rendition of this already amazing remix. That feeling of watching the night sky, quiet, calm, peaceful. Or another example would be spending a night with a special someone, time slows down, it is just you and that person, everything else fades away. This slowmotional mix is beautiful, captivating, and magical just like the previous mix. Even more so, as it focuses on a chill down tempo, delivering a calming vibe, something you want to get lost in.

Etasonic’s mix is incredible, and compliments the original by Air Project. From its energy, passion, wonder, expression, heart, and soul. Plus the Slowmotional mix delivers a vibe, unique all its own.

This amazing, and incredible release is available now.

Music videos
All three are works of art, connecting to the emotion, flow, and energy within this incredible, and beautiful remix.
Etasonic Remix
Slowmotional Remix
Etasonic Dub

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