JP Lantieri – “Twenty Something” EP on Flemcy Music

EP: “Twenty Something
Original by JP Lantieri
Remixes by: Rick Pier O’Neil, Amare and F.E.M
Label: Flemcy Music

From changing times come changing minds, and the birth of new sounds which dare to rise, and with the first installment of our exciting, three part ‘decades’ trilogy ready for human absorption, all we can say is… there’s no time like the present. Created by JP Lantieri, and featuring the masterful imaginations of Rick Pier O’Neil, Amare, and F.E.M, welcome to the age of ‘Twenty Something’…


Let the transformation begin as Lantieri’s blusteringly powerful original mix engulfs the malleable air with melting, acid strikes, whilst taking you to newfound, melodic heights from which you learn to fall, fall, and keep fearlessly falling.

As the moments pass, the clock ticks fast, and the winds of knowledge howl and blast through the solid walls of Rick Pier O’Neil’s thunderous and defining manoeuvre toward the next, surging sequence of existence.

The countdown is on as you tiptoe through the shards of freeform, nonsensical sound laid out sporadically, yet with ingenious intent, by Amare. Take care lest you should trip in her ultimate test of skill and patience.

Dig deep for the courage to endure the final, ferocious turn of this cycle with F.E.M, in a bold and ballsy techno fight that’ll win your seat in the warp to the future generation.

With the important lessons from the ‘Twenty Something’s stored neatly in our memory, our Flemcy tribe stands strong with the tools required to succeed in the next decade. Be brave, be wise, and take things one day at a time…

Released on February, the 10th (Beatport, Streaming) and February, the 24th (other stores)

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