Alex Believe, Hidden Tigress, SpectorSonic – “Forever”

Album: Forever
Lyrics and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers: Alex Believe, SpectorSonic
Release on: Suanda Voice,
a sub label of Suanda Music
Out now

A moment to pause, breathe, share a word, a hug, a feeling. A time to connect, communicate everything you feel. Within that moment, everything around you slows down. That special person in your life, you cannot hold back everything you want to say. In sync, those three words, those three magical words. If time goes on, that moment, you return to that spot, a memory each year to celebrate that thing called love.

“Forever” is more than a song, it is an emotion, a memory, words that mean so much more. To say those special things to someone, lifts them up, makes their heart three times bigger, or brings you closer together. This beautiful work of art was written, and performed by Hidden Tigress, painting every word with her heart, and soul. Accompanying this amazing artist, are producers: Alex Believe, and SpectorSonic, delivering those feels, flow of the soul, and moving melody as vocals, and beat dance together as one.

There is something special within every lyric, and instrument. It paints a beautiful picture, something we all want to share with someone special in our lives. May “Forever” be a treasure to you, and someone close to you.

Music Video
The music video that accompanies this immersive, and beautiful song connects visually, and with expression, flow, movement, including energy, within every minute of this incredible release. A song that contains a story, from start to finish taking your heart, and soul on a journey.

“Forever” is available now

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