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“Pushing On” – JES

Album: Pushing On
Producer, Composer, Singer, Songwriter: JES
Co-Producers: Richard Robson, Luke Bond
Published by: TaxiGirl Music
Label: Intonenation AXIOM, a sub label of Black Hole Recordings
Release: Out Now

The newest release by JES, aka “Taxigirl” is a song of feels, motivation, power, unbreakable spirit, and unwavering faith in what you can achieve. “Pushing On” could very well be an anthem, a message, for everyone that listens to this incredible release. The journey this artist has been through is an amazing one, but also one of challenges, obstacles, but never giving up. It as if, this is JES telling, sharing her story, journey of the past, and present.

Plus the feels within the instruments, melody, and vocals all work together beautifully. From Memento, to a new chapter, the great unknown, and yet to be. This is another amazing treasure, from a timeless artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. That message within this song, is powerful, and unlimited. JES is someone we should all strive to be. Never give up. Keep going.

As a fan of this amazing artist’s works, I love everything she has created, and has yet to be. 2023, a year of many more incredible songs on the way. Be sure to add this one to your music library.

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