“Desolation” [Exolight Remix]

Album: “Desolation” [Exolight Remix]
Lyrics, and vocals by singer, songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer: (original mix) Derek Palmer
Producer: (Remix) Exolight
Label: Extrema Global Music

“Desolation” the original mix, a moving, captivating, and beautiful release. Captured many listeners, with powerful lyrics, and vocals, and melody that would connect to your heart.

Exolight takes that flow of energy, mixes it with his own, creating a marvelous, incredible, and astonishing remix. Finding a flow, like a wave of kinetic energy coming together, to create something unique. Within the beautiful lyrics, and vocals, these works of art are taken to another level. Creating an immersive, moving, and expressive experience.

From start to finish, this remix will find its way to your heart, mind, and soul. It is amazing, just like the original, but also contains its own vibes. Exolight’s remix is a must add to your music library. Plus it has also received lots of love and support.

Plus a fantastic music video, completes the experience. With beautiful visuals, and the energy, plus vibes together with this incredible remix

Desolation [Exolight Remix] music video

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