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“Golden Sunrise” album review

Album: Golden Sunrise
Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer: A.L.Y.S.
Remixes by: Andrew Lang , 5irius7
Label: Emergent Cities
Release: Out Now

Original mix (A.L.Y.S.):
Picture this, something that makes you happy, brings you joy. A remarkable moment in life, a memory, a piece of your heart. A time that you cannot help but share, because it is monumental, fulfilling, a wonder. Singing its praises.

That is what this incredible song, taps into. Happiness, excitement, wonder, rapture. It is beautiful, moving, captivating, and magical. Both the song, and Hidden Tigress’s amazing lyrics, and vocals sing together in unison.

A must add to your music library

Andrew Lang: Captures that magic from the original mix, with an energy all its own. It is fantastic, and wonderful. Tapping into the phenomenal vocals, and melody, delivering an awesome mix.

5irius7: Taking a different genre, but instilling that magic, with a continuous rhythm, heart, and soul. More than just a remix, but an immersive experience.

Music videos
A.L.Y.S. original mix

Andrew Lang Remix

5irius7 Remix

All three music videos are amazing, beautiful, and captivating. Capturing the energy, and essence each mix taps into. To calm sunrise, sunsets, beauty around us, and within.

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