Alpha 9 – New Horizons

Album: New Horizons
Producer: (Alpha 9) Arty
Label: AnjunaBeats
Release: January 11th 2023

Alpha 9’s newest release, with a total of fourteen tracks, is a fantastic journey of sound, soul, and heart. “New Horizons” contains more of a mature vibe, where it connects with the listener on a deeper level. Although known for songs that are super catchy, and get you moving. Plus amazing lyrics and vocal collaborations, that deliver even more vibes within each song.

Each track is an expression of Alpha 9, the chapters in the artists life so far, inspiration, and the world beyond. Plus exploring different themes that he has not covered before. Also no two tracks are alike, each one has its unique sound design. From melodic, to beat driven, or vocals that are heartfelt. To atmosphere’s that would be heard at events, with a crowd of people, losing their minds listening along, with lights dancing across everywhere you can see, and a beat that you feel from head to toe.

1) Stars Above Us
2) Calling (feat. Tom Bailey)
3) Pharaon (feat. Fractures)
4) Letter to Beloved One
5) Down to Love (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)
6) Speed of Light
7) New Horizons
8) No Time to Talk (feat. Brandon Vendetta)
9) Magic
10) Final Frontier
11) Sirens [with L0rean] (feat. Running Touch)
12) Rhythm of Your Heart
13) Feels Like Home
14) Into the Unknown

“New Horizons” is amazing, and a work of art. If you loved Alpha’s previous releases, you will enjoy this one too.
Enjoy the ride. The album is available everywhere now

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