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Author: LuNa

LUNA is a DJ from Osaka, Japan. She started DJ-ing in dining bars back in 2011. Since then, she has decided to limit herself to online activities, such as podcasts and radio shows, which actually brought her to a wider stage. As a child, LUNA grew up in an environment with different types of music and this contributed to the fact that her play style incorporates a diversity of music genres like House, Techno, something Deep and Progressive, and also Chill. She is free-spirited and plays in her own style. In order to make more people interested in club music and enjoy clubbing, LUNA is still working hard on performing her mission.


ko-ta’s biography:[Stratosphere Records, Liiebermann, Gabriiela, rav] An electronic musician living in Kushiro City, he started creating music in the early 1990s and established the label...

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