JES – “Forever Young” (Morgin Madison Remix)

Album: Forever Young
Producer, Lyrics and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES
Remix by: Morgin Madison
Release on: Magik Muzik, a sub label of Black Hole Recordings

From the already amazing album “Memento“, this awesome release gains a new sound with even more positive vibes. “Forever Young” delivered an awesome feeling, and emotion throughout, plus it is a song with many meanings: it can be a tribute, a memory, a piece of your heart. It is so much more beyond a melody, and amazing lyrics, and vocals. But an incredible song that speaks volumes. Sing along with JES.

Within Morgin Madison’s mix, it gives that beat that makes you want to get up and dance, and just get lost in the sound. That type of feeling after a long day, you just wanna let loose, and not worry about anything for a little while.

Not just Morgin’s Mix, but an additional remix accompanies this awesome release. “Sunset Chill Mix” delivers a slower melodic vibe, with JES’s beautiful, powerful, and moving lyrics. Retaining that vibe from the main mix, with that feeling to boogie. Perfect for that weekend to lose your mind. Just close your eyes, feel that flow, go with it, and enjoy the journey.

“Forever Young” is available now

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