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Haliene, Craig Connelly – Other Side of the World

Album: Other Side of the World
Lyrics, and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Haliene
Producer, Sound Design: Craig Connelly
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Out Now

When a song opens up with a captivating melody, followed by a majestic, and mesmerizing vocal performance with lyrics that sing to your heart. That song is very special, and this is one of those tracks.

If you could reach out to someone, being able to connect through music. A moment of time that brings, and that special someone joy. That is the best gift anyone can give.

Haliene delivers an incredible performance, with beautiful lyrics, and vocals that makes you want to sing along. Throughout the song you feel every word connect, as it flows. Every lyric is sung through her heart, it feels like the warmest hug. Embracing, and it is also magical.

Craig Connelly crafted a fantastic song, which builds as the song grows. Like reaching out, getting closer, once connected the energy builds creating a beautiful energy, a synergy that may feel far away, but close that it encapsulates a wonderful emotion.

This beautiful release is out now.

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