Aurosonic & Frainbreeze & Cassandra Grey – Peace of Mind

Album: Peace of Mind
Producers/ Sound Design: Aurosonic
Vocals by: Cassandra Grey
Lyrics by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Release on: Aurosonic Music

Aurosonic, a two team production squad taking the world by storm with their hype energy, and amazing melodies. They have worked together on many releases, plus collabs in the past, plus been part of many events too. With numerous singles, and a fantastic album “Euphoria” that celebrates their journey over the years.

Frainbreeze, a major talent that loves to mix things up, and celebrate good vibes. Many amazing collaborations with various talents, sharing his sound style around the world.

Cassandra Grey, phenomenal, and acoustic vocalist, collaborated with well known names, plus delivering so many feels. One of many amazing talents that have emerged from the Emergent Skies (a sub label Emergent Music), branching out with various talents delivering unforgettable experiences. Her vocals will take you on an unforgettable journey, just close your eyes, and fly away.

Hidden Tigress, an incredible singer/songwriter who has written tons of songs, heard by many hearts. Every song is a work of art, a part of her heart, and soul. Creating vibes, sending energy to those who listen, filled with hope, dreams, and unwavering strength.

How to summarize this beautiful tune in just a few words? In awe, this is an all star team of talents, collaborating to create a work of art. Both the Radio Edit, and Progressive Mix are incredible. From start to finish, the melody fills you with contemplation, clear mind, body, and soul. Once the lyrics and vocals begin, they create a beautiful symmetry, a unique flow that comes together creating something special.

This collaboration team feels like the stuff dreams are made of. “Peace of Mind” is a wonderful, and soulful journey that captures your heart, lifts you up, and ascends to another level. Plus the lyrics have a deeper layer, and meaning connecting to the listener. Those words are a one on one conversation, an intimate one with oneself. Like a mirror looking in from the other side. Or with someone dear to you, if only they heard what was deep inside your heart. If you could speak, those words would spill like a waterfall, overflowing. But once freed, they would be what they needed to hear, if they choose to listen.

“Peace of Mind” is available everywhere now

“Peace of Mind” Music Video

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