“Lost My Way” album review

Album: Lost My Way

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Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer (original mix)/ sound design: Huvagen
Producer (remix)/ sound design: Exolight
Label: Trance All Stars Records

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From the opening notes of the Intro mix, to extended, dub, and radio edit. This amazing track delivers: emotions, the feels, energy, wonder, a melody like no other, plus lyrics and vocals that take you on a journey.

While Exolight’s interpretation, connects the dots, in his own creative spin. While adding his own style, vibes, interweaving the incredible vocals and lyrics into something special.

What makes these mixes unique, is that they tell an overarching story, connected through the melody of each mix, a chapter, that unravels, and forms a new piece. While Hidden Tigress’s breathtaking vocals, and lyrics play an essential part throughout.

A cinematic storyline, built upon a melody with expression, coming together, with multiple layers, breakdowns, and shifts within each mix.
All composed within an F Minor key. Each mix compliments the magnificent vocals, and lyrics, as they touch your heart, and soul.

Both versions have corresponding mixes, that are part of the experience of this amazing release.

Original mix: Intro Mix, Extended Mix, Radio edit, and Dub

Exolight remix: extended mix, radio edit, and dub

“Lost My Way” is a fantastic album. Where each mix completes the experience. This album is a must own, plus it deserves to be played on repeat.

Music videos
Each one is a marvel, and beautiful journey in visuals, plus compliment the track taking it to another level.
Original mix

Exolight Remix

Dub Mix

Exolight dub mix

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