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Waiting For You

Album: Waiting For You
Lyrics and vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer and sound design: Cosmaks
Label: Abora Recordings
Release: Out Now

This release is quite different from past tracks from Hidden Tigress. Cosmaks presents a unique, and open creative energy, connected to Hidden Tigress’s incredible lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals. Consisting of four versions: Intro, Extended, Radio Edit, and Chill mix. Note, different in an excellent way. With amazing vibes, melodic design, and a flow that takes the intro, serenaded by the vocals that takes your mind, and body to another realm. Beautiful, breathtaking, and enveloping a listener with a track that will capture your heart.

The extended mix, expands the original track, finds its melody, and branches out. As the vocals begin, they connect with one another, in harmony, a feeling of wonder, a linger to hear more, a feeling, or emotion that cannot be described. Working as one, the extended mix and the vocals complete one another on another level. Even in the middle of the track, the vocals chops serenade the listener, then the vocals return. It is so beautiful to just listen and feel the music.

Radio Edit, the bite size edition, but don’t vote it out. It moves like a wave in the ocean, the flow is just as amazing as the extended mix which takes its time to adapt each note, and melody. This version jumps right to the vocals, connects to a surreal feeling, a synergy, the flow is still captivating, moving, and just feels so good to hear.

Chill Mix, a minute longer than the radio edit, but just as beautiful. A slower tempo, builds on the instruments, with Hidden Tigress’s vocal chops serenading until the lyrics begin. The flow, it captures, and soothes your soul. Close your eyes and listen, let it take you away. It is amazing how unique each version is, while having the same spark, vibe, and energy, they have their own spirit.

This album is beautiful, and a must own for every music lover. Hidden Tigress delivers an astonishing performance. Plus Cosmaks creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, tone, and energy from those vocals that tap into the heart of this captivating track. It is out now, and deserves to be in your music library.

Music video links
Both are incredible, and flows with the track on another level

Original mix
Chillout Mix

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  1. Hidden Tigress Hidden Tigress says:

    Always amazing to see nice words about my work! Thank you! ??

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