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Is It True

Album: Is It True
Producer, Sound Design, Lyrics and vocals by, Singer, Songwriter: JES
Release On: Magik Muzik, part of the Black Hole Label
Out Now

When questions begin to surface, not of confidence. But what you believe in someone else. Trust. Faith. Expectations. Hope. If everything fell apart, what was it all for? “Is It True” is one of those songs that asks those questions with every fiber of your being. Deep down inside, every feeling, intuition. What you see, beneath the surface, who you are to that other person. Time lost, life given, spent. Who are you without them? Can you grow? If hurt, heal, can you get back up again? It delivers an intense energy, of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Determined to go beyond what it once was. JES defines that level of creativity, and unbreakable spirit.

Plus this amazing track connects with harmonies of past songs, a blend of vibes that become something new. But also an evolution of who JES is as an artist. Her lyrics, and vocals are timeless, plus recent releases have gained even more love. This is one of those songs, you need right now. To let go, enjoy, dance, listen, or just close your eyes and vibe, or sing along.

“Is It True” is one of JES’s many phenomenal tracks, that are part of the upcoming album “Memento”. A celebration of her journey thus far, and new songs that tell even more chapters of the artists life, creativity, and spirit that keeps on going. This special review is coming soon.

“Is It True” is available everywhere now.

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