Crystal Skies, and Haliene – “Stardust”

Album: Stardust
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Haliene
Producer: Crystal Skies
Label: Lost in Dreams
Release: Out Now

“Stardust” delivers a song filled with questions, wonder, and what is beyond the stars. A powerful, uplifting, magical, and heart filled release. Crystal Skies and Haliene created something wonderful, a song about feeling lost, even in a vast world, but once you look up it is a different atmosphere. The stars connect on a unique level, a feeling of hope, connection, something that calls out to you.

Haliene’s beautiful, and mesmerizing lyrics and vocals deliver a unique vibe throughout. There is something special within these lyrics, they give a want, a need, a connection to something greater. Beyond our reach, but Haliene’s energy resonates, and rises beyond, and delivers a beautiful journey of the heart, and soul.

Crystal Skies previously collaborated with Haliene on the “Heavenly” deluxe album. Reuniting, they created something amazing, wonderful, and spectacular. This song delivers so many vibes, it is a beautiful journey, an expressive work of art. “Stardust” is available now.

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