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Eli & Fur – You’re So High (10 Years On)

London dance music duo Eli & Fur release modern re-touch of their hit, “You’re So High.”

“You’re So High (10 Years On)” features fresh and spacey dance beats, with a modernized swing-out, club-friendly groove.

Eli & Fur - You're So High (10 Years On)

*For reference, check out the original version of the track, from 2013!


Iconic dance music duo Eli & Fur have released an addictive re-imagination of their seminal single, “You’re So High (10 Years On).” Celebrating a decade within the industry, the pair have marked the occasion with the track which also sees the relaunch of their very own record label, NYX Music.

Paying respect to the original, “You’re So High (10 Years On)” preserves its signature hypnotic sound while embracing a more melodic, techno-infused vibe that brings it into the contemporary soundscape of 2023.

On the single, Eli & Fur said: “We wrote ‘You’re So High’ together 10 years ago. It was at the very beginning of our career and it came purely from the heart. We wanted to create something infectious and emotional — featuring our own vocals — that would also be a moment on the dance floor, something we still strive to do today. The original will always be the original, but we loved reworking the song that started it all and breathing fresh life into it.

As a duo, we have been on such a journey, navigating highs, lows and all of the incredible moments in between. It’s with passion and gratitude that we continue to love doing what we do: making music and playing it to people all over the world.

“You’re So High” grew completely organically through the power of music blogs and word of mouth, without charts or hype and found a life of its own over a long period of time. “You’re So High” has resonated with audiences globally, amassing over 150 million streams across streaming platforms. The track remains etched in the memories of fans and propelled the London-based duo to the forefront of the international house & techno scene.

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