BT – ASAW “A Song Across Wires” 10 years later

Album: A Song Across Wires
Producer, Sound design: BT
Label: Armada
Release: 2013

Ten years ago, an album by BT, and various artists created an amazing work of a art. A twelve part story, that is a journey of self discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, finding something new, and connecting. “A Song Across Wires” was released at the right time, during the tides of change, and finding new ground. Each song, is a chapter in an artist’s novel, their songbook, a journal of their travels, and adventures.

1) Skylarking
2) Letting Go (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES)
3) Tomahawk
4) City Life (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Bada)
5) Stem the Tides (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Tania Zygar)
6) Tonight (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES)
7) Love Divine (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Christian Burns)
8) Surrounded (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Aqualung)
9) Vervoeren
10) Calling Your Name (New version)(vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Emma Hewitt)
11) Must Be the Love (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Nadia Ali)
12) Lifeline (vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Senadee

Additional credits:
Arranged, Creative Director, Mixed, Producer, Written by BT
Art Direction, Creative Director, and Design: Gavin Taylor
Mastered by Emily Lazar
Mixed by Tritonal
Photography by Myriam Santos
Technician Mike Dimattia

Deluxe Edition
Contains additional remixes by well known artists. Maor Levi, Dannic, Antillas, Dankann, Super8 and Tab, Ilan Bluestone, and Shogun, LTN, Tony Awake, and Ashley Wallbridge

A Song Across Wires is available on: Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport
A Song Across Wires (Deluxe Edition) is also on: Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport

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