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Linney, AU5 – “Bridges”

Album: Bridges
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Linney
Producer, Sound Design by: Au5
Label: Ophelia Records
Release: July 14th 2023

“Bridges” is a song that is like a loved one reaching out, whenever you feel down, defeated, or depressed. The lyrics within this song are immersive, and beautiful. Linney created something wonderful, and heartfelt. Every lyric, feels like a warm hug, it will be by your side no matter what. Her performance is sweet, kind, and caring, an energy that brings you a smile.

Au5’s melodic journey within this track is: hopeful, driven, focused, motivated, bouncy, fun, and magical. It is also the opening track for the upcoming full album “Bridges Between” (which will be released later this year). With Bridges being the lead, and it is beautiful.

Linney, and Au5 created something wonderful, a song we all need, an energy, a vibe to connect to, that keeps us going. A song that is special, like someone who cares about how we feel, as much as we do for them.

The word “love” connects us all. A bridge opens communication, humanity, compassion, and understanding. Beyond words alone. What guides us to keep going.

“Bridges” is available now, and a must add to your music library.

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