Sonic X Steve Aoki

Sonic x Steve Aoki Concert

Now that is a headline, I never thought I would type for a title. SEGA Official YouTube channel, along with DJ / Producer Steve Aoki collaborated together, celebrating a blue hedgehog, and music. Mostly known for a pop, club, and sometimes trance style. For this special event, he mixes video game music from the series: blending it with tunes that some may know, or be fresh to a new audience.

For those of us who grew up with the Dreamcast, this mix may remind some of the sound styles in Jet Set Radio. A game that used graffiti as a message, with music delivering a sick, fresh experience every time.

Also same producer of JSR, Hideki Naganuma worked on Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS). Influencing Tomoya Ohtani with Sonic Colors, and Sonic Forces. Could this be a sign that the next game could be mixing sound styles? Possibly, and I love the idea

Plus it is the blue hedgehog’s 30th anniversary this year, and today happens to be Steve’s birthday.

Be sure to check this awesome mix out

Sega Official
Steve Aoki official

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