Lyda “Unrequited”

Nomadic electro-pop artist Lyda drops new track, “Unrequited.”

Released on October 12th 2021, this track marks a turning point in the experimental producer’s musical pathway. As they describe below, this song expresses musically the conflict within the artist’s self, a kind of “yin and yang push and pull”:

“Unrequited” is an insanely catchy and danceable single, mixing elements of Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” era, Robyn, and Grimes. Produced by themself, “Unrequited” manages to be commercially accessible while using experimental elements. While the track itself is upbeat, the meaning behind the song is deeper, and deals with Lyda’s own struggle with gender identity and sexuality. “I love the idea of people dancing to music that lyrically is actually, if you stop to listen, quite frustrated and sad and filled with longing,” says Lyda.

On the meaning of the track, Lyda explains, “Unrequited is essentially about the push and pull that I and many others experience, between the person I am ‘supposed to be’ and the person I really am. I am running towards and then away from my sexuality and gender in the song, creating a kind of dance with myself that is both exhilarating and excruciating.” The song represents a shift in Lyda’s musical journey and personal life. Originally performing as “Lyda The Lady”, Lyda dropped the second half of the name as they continue to have a deeper understanding of their gender identity. While the name has been updated on streaming platforms, this will be the first official single as “Lyda”.

Lyda (she/they) is a nomadic singer, songwriter, and producer. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, they spent the last several years in NYC, playing electro pop in nearly every notable small music venue (The Well, East Berlin), gaining notoriety for their wild and theatrical performances, and often being compared to Lady Gaga. In January they released a pop/ EDM collaboration with Vybrant Vibes called “Lost Cause” that hit over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Lyda left New York in September to wander through the U.S., performing, writing and collaborating with other artists.

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