Soar (Derek Palmer remix)

Album: Soar (Derek Palmer remix)
Lyrics, vocals, by singer songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer (original mix): CMCV
Producer, sound design (remix): Derek Palmer
Label: Abora Recordings
Out Now

“Soar”, the original mix contained incredible, beautiful, moving, and uplifting lyrics, along with sensational vocals by Hidden Tigress. Plus the melody gave that feeling of flight, going high as possible, reaching the stratosphere, like any bird could. CMCV captured that imagery, essence, and energy perfectly, you can close your eyes, feeling that ability to fly.

Derek’s remix is: fantastic, energized, motivated, vibes, and beyond imagination. The rush it delivers, built up within its melody, flows throughout. As in the original, the melody and vocals were in unison, in the remix, they are moreso. With the feeling of flight, as if from an eagle, on andrenaline, moving upward to gain altitude, open wings, taking to the heavens.

Each version of the remix, extended, and dub delivers a rush that deserves to be heard, felt, and moved by. It is an excellent rendition, of an amazing, and beautiful song. It is taken to another level, where you feel that lift, drift, beneath your own wings.

A must add to your music library

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