“Just Believe” (Darude Remix)

Album: “Just Believe” (Darude Remix)
Lyrics, vocals, by singer / songwriter: JES
Producer: (Original Mix, sound design): TyDi
Label: Magik Muzik , part of the Black Hole label
Release: Out Now

“Just Believe” the original track by the amazing singer/songwriter JES, and awesome producer TyDi reunited to create another amazing release. But now another player enters the game, the legendary Darude (yes that character who made the classic “Sandstorm” ages ago). Not only famous for just that song alone, but many collaborations over the years, with various artists around the world.

Darude’s remix of “Just Believe” is interesting, it takes the listener back in time with a hyped melody, and memorable beat. Oddly enough it sounds similar to Veracocha’s (Vincent de Moor, and Ferry Corsten) “Carte Blanche”. But I have to ask, why copy a classic melody? Why not create an original one?

I discussed my thoughts with another music lover. We both felt mixed feelings about the melody. Knowing a talented producer, like Darude cut, and pasted this Frankenstein project really stings.

I enjoy JES’s incredible lyrics, and vocals.
Plus TyDi, and his Wish I Was persona sound style. But this remix could have been so much more. Maybe it was best left alone with the original , and Wish I Was mix.

“Just Believe” (Darude Remix) is Available now

“Just Believe” (Darude Remix) music video

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